Desi Greene, Managing Director of Operations at the executive search firm Howard-Sloan Professional Search, has counted Select Telecom as a key business partner for almost 10 years, so she doesn’t hesitate to ask Select Telecom for exactly what she needs.  “I told them I want them to be proactive – ‘I need you to tell me what I don’t know.’  Now they update me about new releases that I might want to take advantage of and I’m always on top of the latest benefits.”

When Howard-Sloan moved to a new space and upgraded to a Unified Communications systems from ShoreTel, the company relied on Select Telecom’s expertise to the find the right solutions for their unique requirements.  For example, some third party software that they’d grown accustomed to using no longer functioned when the new system was first installed.  But Desi asked Select Telecom for a solution, and they delivered.  “They worked with us to find the right extension, ShoreTel Application Dialer, to work with our existing software.  We weren’t even really involved in the process – we just told them what we wanted, and they came up with the best, most cost-efficient solution.”

What Desi most appreciates about Select Telecom is the quality of service Howard-Sloan always receives.  She explains, “Whenever there’s an issue, the communication is stellar.  I always know that the issue is going to get addressed in the quickest possible way, and I’m kept up to date the entire time.  I’ve gotten emails at 11 o’clock at night letting me know that something is being taken care of!  They won’t give up until they actually have a solution, even if it takes weeks of trying to get it right.  They never string me along.”

And as Howard-Sloan has found, it’s always nice to have a partner who’s looking out for you.  When Desi mentioned to Select Telecom that the company needed to license some software for remote workers, “Select Telecom found a workaround so that we wouldn’t have to pay $1000/person to use it at home.  It’s just little things like that.  They’re always thinking of the customer’s pocket and the well-being of the customer.  It’s just unbeatable.”