With 35 busy NY-Metro area Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar locations in their portfolio, including several of the largest, highest trafficked and strongest performing in the world-wide Applebee’s portfolio, Apple-Metro, Inc. doesn’t have time to deal with phone system problems.  Guests are calling continuously for general information and to place takeout orders, all while the staff is juggling communication tasks with the demands of their bustling dining rooms.  For Apple-Metro, the most important task for a phone system is to provide high-performance resource enhancing communications and service while enabling employees to work more efficiently.

Eric Jackson, Apple-Metro’s Manager of Systems Administration, was in the market for a new vendor to support their existing phone system when he encountered Select Telecom.  “We needed someone with expertise who could help us leverage our phone system to its fullest,” he recalls.  Apple-Metro had been experiencing reliability issues with their Nortel phones ever since Nortel was acquired by Avaya, and they couldn’t seem to find anyone who could support their old Panasonic phone systems effectively.  As Eric remembers, “I was glad to find Select Telecom since they could support everything.”

Based on that experience, when it came time to invest in a new phone system Apple-Metro already knew who to call.  Select Telecom recommended an advanced IP phone system from ShoreTel which facilitated cost-effective networking between all of Apple-Metro’s restaurants.

The staff was impressed by the new technology, particularly its ease of use.  “The IP-based system emulated a traditional key-based phone system in which reduces our training time and eliminates any potential adoption challenges amongst our service staff,” Eric explains.  “What really impressed me was how easily our staff learned to operate the new phone system after Select Telecom’s training – there was no fumbling like with our old phones – a critical guest service touch-point.”

Eric especially appreciates the reliable service he can count on from Select Telecom.  “I’m really big on first-call resolution.  Having a problem resolved is not a hassle for me, which is why I really like Select Telecom.  If I need wiring done, it’s done.  If I have an issue in a restaurant, they go out and it’s fixed.  I don’t have to spend time on repairs because Select Telecom’s technicians have all the expertise needed to solve any issue we come across, and they are on-site when they say they will be.”

In the end, Apple-Metro is very satisfied with their new system.  Says Eric, “The ShoreTel phone system is very cost-effective and has all the features you would expect from a modern phone system.  Coupled with Select Telecom’s support, it’s very easy to use and has a great upgrade path.  It was just what we needed.”