When Insight Express, LLC was notified by their leasing company in early 2011 that the company would be required to move to a different space in a neighboring office tower, VP of Information Technology Jim Carbone knew who to call. “We were asked to get bids and I told them I’m not going to. We work with one company and have been for 10 years.”

Ever since Insight Express founded its first office after being spun off from a parent company in 2001, the company had contracted Select Telecom to facilitate every office move the company made. This time around, the leasing company was footing the bill to move Insight Express to a different tower in the same building, making room for a large tenant who was taking over the entirety of Insight Express’ current tower. As Jim recalls, “[Our leasing company] pushed for us to use one of their vendors. I had to go to bat to get Select the job… we’re going to go with the guys we’re comfortable with. Obviously if we didn’t have the track record we had with previous moves, we wouldn’t have been able to do that.”

Back in 2001, Insight Express was starting from scratch with their new office. After receiving a recommendation from another vendor, Jim contacted the team at Select Telecom to assist with getting their telecommunications system off the ground. “They recommended a phone system, did the wiring, the programming, setup our call center, you name it.” Jim was so happy with Select Telecom’s professionalism and reliability that, as he puts it, “We’ve been running with them ever since.”

Jim reports that Insight Express has been averaging a move every two to three years, and they’ve faithfully sought out Select Telecom’s help with every move. As Jim explains, “I can tell you that when it comes time to do the actual move, the coverage is incredible. There’s never any lateness, never big mistakes; they listen to what I need and get it done.” Over the years, the relationship that Jim has built with the Select Telecom team has progressed beyond a standard business partnership. “It’s just a pleasure working with these guys. I feel like I have a personal relationship. Bobby, Mike, Pauly – we’re buds!”

Jim says that he can always count on responsive service from the team at Select Telecom. “Anytime I give them a call – even for the little things – I get a response immediately. With other vendors, it’s a week, two weeks. I really feel like somebody over there is concerned and knows we need help.” According to Jim, “The reliability, the availability, and the attentiveness of the service I get are unmatched. And they get all the details – I never have to triple check anything when Select Telecom is on the job.”

Jim is happy to report that their most recent move was a success. In an email to Select Telecom President Mike Durante, Jim wrote, “I just wanted to send a quick note to tell you that your guys did another spectacular job! I had ZERO issues today. Thanks for your continued diligence with these moves!” With dedication to first-class service and reliable expertise, the team at Select Telecom hopes to build many more lasting relationships with customers like Insight Express.