When Arun Daniel started his new role as Director of IT at Infotrieve, a leader in the electronic document delivery field, he knew who to call for service with the legacy phone system he’d inherited.  “I’d worked with Select Telecom at my previous company, and I was blown away by their professionalism and how responsive they were,” he remembers.

Eventually Infotrieve outgrew their old system with its lack of reporting capabilities and difficult administration.  As Arun recalls, “Our customer service relies on making sure that customer problems are solved when contacting the call center, and we had no way to track if a call ever made it to resolution.  And frustratingly, we couldn’t do any administration unless we rebooted the entire system, which meant that all of our maintenance had to be done after hours.  And finally, we just needed more scalability.”

Arun looked to Select Telecom for a recommendation of what to implement to solve these problems.  “I knew they weren’t in the business of BS’ing,” Arun explains.  “Most sales groups come in and promise you the world.  Select Telecom came in with detailed requests to understand what we need, create a template, and come up with an appropriate recommendation.”  After gathering Infotrieve’s requirements and considering the unique demands of the Infotrieve customer base and company structure, Select Telecom recommended a new IP phone system from ShoreTel.

The ShoreTel system, proved to be just what Infotrieve needed, and Arun has been impressed with the benefits of moving to a state-of-the-art unified communications (UC) system.  “Administration is cleaner and more robust and can even be done on the fly, and our customer service department plans to use the reporting tools.  Even better, our end users quickly overcame the challenge of learning the new system.”  Nowadays, Arun can’t imagine ever going back to the way things were.  With a modern UC system in their arsenal, Infotrieve is well-equipped to provide the world-class customer service and unmatched innovation they’re known for.