Crosstalk with Select Telecom (Spring 2015)

On April 29th, Select Telecom celebrated Administrative Professionals’ Day with an outing to Yankee Stadium!  President Mike Durante accompanied members of our talented administrative team including Tina DeSalvo, Anna-Lisa Tedeschi, and Danielle Crawford to the Bronx to recognize them for all the contributions they make towards helping this company run smoothly.

As Service Coordinator Anna-Lisa Tedeschi reflects, around here going to the game is about more than just enjoying some solid baseball.  “The Durante Family has a long history with the New York Yankees, so at Select Telecom, the greatest form of appreciation is to be invited to a Yankee game.  It was great to spend time together outside of work, and it meant a lot that the President of our company made the time to recognize our contribution.”

Administrative & HR Assistant Tina DeSalvo reports that the team, “had a really nice time at the game together!  We were lucky to have a fantastic day with warm temperatures and plenty of sunshine.  I really appreciated having a special day that recognized us as administrative professionals!”

And CSR/Account Manager Danielle Crawford echoed Tina’s sentiments.  “I had a great day at the Yankee game for Administrative Professionals’ Day.  It’s nice to be recognized for all the hard work we do, and we enjoyed a wonderful day that reminded us all how lucky we are to have great relationships with our co-workers inside work as well as out.  I couldn’t have asked for better weather or better company!”

Thanks again to Tina, Anna-Lisa, Danielle, and everyone else who pitches in with the critical administrative work that gets done every day at Select Telecom – this company wouldn’t be the same without you!