EducationCommunication in the Education Industry


The Education industry is characterized by much bigger challenges than just reading, writing, and arithmetic – safety is paramount, and swift communication is key.  A school district dispersed across multiple locations must be equipped to facilitate quick communication between teachers, administrators, parents, and first responders.

As recent tragic events have illuminated, campus security is absolutely crucial.  In addition to security cameras and PA announcements, it’s critical for school systems to have in place a mechanism for alerting teachers, staff, students, and emergency personnel to an impeding threat.

With hundreds of classrooms and administrative offices to account for – and ever-dwindling budgets – a reliable and easy-to-administer system is key.  And an experienced, trustworthy vendor is required to preserve the sanctity and productivity of valuable school hours.

How Select Telecom does it better:

Select Telecom brings a wealth of experience working in school environments across the tri-state area to ensure peace of mind and security.  In addition to installing and maintaining security cameras in both public and private schools, Select Telecom has also equipped multiple school districts with state-of-the-art emergency 911 notification software which is capable of alerting police, administrators, teachers, and staff with just the touch of a button.

Select Telecom’s installation team is well-versed in the protocols of a school environment, providing the flexibility to schedule maintenance outside of school hours whenever possible, and offering quick, non-disruptive service during school hours if needed.  Select Telecom’s education industry specialists design VoIP solutions that can be easily administered for all district buildings from one central location, with a low-TCO (total cost of ownership), robust reliability, and unparalleled ease-of-use.

Case Studies:

Eastchester Central School District – The district was in need of an upgraded telecommunications system, but with restricted working hours, tight security, and a very busy staff, was apprehensive about how an installation could disrupt day-to-day operations.  Having installed a district-wide system of security cameras and serviced phones in various Eastchester schools in the past, Select Telecom already knew the ins and outs of the district and was able to install the new system with minimal interruption to normal operations, offering comprehensive training to help staff and faculty get productive quickly.

Rye Country Day School – With an 8-building campus supporting 890 students, faculty, and staff, Rye Country Day School’s communication systems can’t afford to be anything less than best-in-class, but until recently, the school was making due with a decade-old system that just wasn’t making the grade.  A lack of productivity features and a number of inefficiencies – including different phone numbers for the school’s business office – left a serious gap in the school’s connectivity and limited responsiveness to parents and colleagues.  A state-of-the-art phone system from ShoreTel remedied the existing problems and jump-started Rye Country Day School’s productivity, enabling faculty and staff to offer the high level of service the district is known for.

St. Luke’s Independent School – In the beginning stages of an expansion for its 230 students and 60 staff/faculty, St. Luke’s School learned that it would need to relocate its server room, which required moving 260 data cables, along with server hardware, switching infrastructure, and telecom equipment (phone system and ISP).  After consulting jointly with architects, engineers, and specialists at Select Telecom, an optimal location was selected and Select Telecom executed the move in just two weeks in the summer, with minimal interruptions to the school’s daily operations – in fact, the main office was up and running with phone and internet service by the end of the first day.

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